About Samm Simpson

I was born in the “Breadbasket of the World”—the Iowa Midwest—near the Mississippi River, nearly 53 years ago, to a father and mother who instilled equal doses of analytical thinking, and the mystery of faith. I grew up in the Iowa countryside with a love for the land and a sincere respect for the hard-working entrepreneur farmers, and the bounty they brought forth.

My youthful flesh and blood heroes—Edward R. Murrow, President John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., the Harlem Globetrotters, Mohammed Ali, Mahatma Gandhi and others, inspired a well of idealism that refuses to run dry.

Public schools in Iowa taught me to think critically, not judge quickly. To that end, student exchange programs offered a variety of experiences: President Marco’s Declaration of Martial Law, and a view of Poland’s Communism, from the anti-aircraft guns and soldiers, to the dusty aged products offered for tourists. Joined by high school students from the around country, we traveled through Austria, Poland, Greece, Belgium, Switzerland, Great Britain, and Germany.

I saw the world as a whole: human beings as one color—the red color of the blood that flows from each of us. I understood early on that human beings—regardless of age, race, color, creed, gender, religion, or cultural position—have identical human needs, just like Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs” proclaims.

Unfortunately, the simplicity of this truth – like most truth – is historically trampled by the politics of fear, greed, and power. But, it cannot be forever torn asunder. And, it is this compelling desire to seek truth that drives me to run for the United States Congress in 2006, proudly representing the best interests of the citizens of Florida’s 10th Congressional District.

I began my broadcasting career as a live radio announcer in 1973, when few women’s voices were part of the landscape. I’ve been employed as a television and radio host, producer, director, and writer in Iowa, Minnesota, Colorado, and Florida.

From 1984 – 2001, I had the honor of working at Raymond James & Associates Corporate Headquarters, in St. Petersburg, Florida. During my tenure, I helped design, build, and manage the Corporate Media Studio. I was named Assistant Vice President of Marketing in 1988, and Vice President of Marketing in 1992.

Early on, I obtained my Series 7 and 63 security industry licensees, and garnered the respect of my peers by becoming an expert in financial industry products and services, operations, and sales techniques. I was responsible for producing, hosting and editing “Audiofile”, the Raymond James & Associates internationally distributed audio program. The privilege of interviewing thousands of financial advisors, economists, and financial industry experts gave me a broad-based education in entrepreneurship, economics, and the balance between capitalism, and social responsibility. Folks still tell me that they miss my intuitive interviewing skills and grasp of financial concepts for individuals, corporations, and municipalities. From 2001 – 2003, I was hired as Manager of Television and Radio operations for Pinellas County Economic Development, where I produced and co-hosted the award winning “Good Business Pinellas” radio and television programs. These programs gained recognition as one of the best in Florida and the Southeastern United States.

In 2004, I helped organize “Common Ground”—an event that engaged over thirty local activist groups. [PDF of Event Flyer] In September of 2004, I had the honor of working with a coalition of, and created, the March on Tampa Bay Anti-War event, where the featured speaker was 27-year veteran Ex-CIA agent, Ray McGovern. [Video of the event]

Currently, I’m working full time on this campaign, while remaining self-employed through independent radio and television projects. My passion for truth and media has led me to write, produce, and host a monthly television program entitled “Media Is Propaganda,” for Access Pinellas Cable. Program Guide.

Life has had its detours, but my education never ends. The Eckerd College PEL program awarded me a Degree in Creative Writing, with a minor in Human Development in May of 2006. I’m a member of the Community Redevelopment Agency Advisory Committee, and the Board of Finance for the City of Dunedin, Florida, where I’ve been a resident since 1982. This past spring, I tutored elementary school children as part of the “No Child Left Behind Program”.

I am a person of faith and a survivor of domestic violence, and as such, I raised my daughter from the womb to adulthood by myself. I have been blessed with one grandson. My life’s journey has given me a visceral understanding, and compassion, for families who struggle with emotional and mental illnesses that are judged, and often neglected, by social, medical, and pharmaceutical interests. As a Christian, I am grieved at the policies of the Republican Administration, as well as the hubris and illusion of the “Christian Right”. Surely, it is a time for human beings of all beliefs to work together and reclaim our civil liberties, our integrity and our compassion. Let’s seek the truth—and return to the concept of moral reasoning that birthed our Constitution. Our grandchildren will thank us.

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