“Oil, like greed, is a natural occurrence. Greed, like oil. has run its course.” — Samm Simpson

It’s the job of a Congressional Representative to be a voice of the people. The Declaration of Independence tells us that, “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed…”

I’ve asked many individuals — “What is the one issue that concerns you the most?” The answer I hear most often? Health Care. The second most mentioned concern? Education.

The third? There are many concerns. Jobs. Minimum Wage. The Economy. Veterans Benefits. Global Warming. Immigration Policy. Lack of Congressional Oversight. A President who acts above the Law. Insurance Prices. Gas Prices. Energy Prices. Housing Prices. Media Consolidation and Freedom of the Press. Corporate Greed and Lobbyists. Federal Debt. Foreign Policy. The Iraq War. Torture.

After these, the people are speaking out on other topics. Genetic Modification of Seeds. Credit Card Usury. Military Outsourcing. Selling off our National Forests. Drilling in Florida. Drug Policy. Nuclear Proliferation.

I believe all these problems have the same root cause: Greed. Rampant, Selfish Greed. Somehow we’ve lost our moral center. Our culture is satiated with money and materialism. We are out of balance. We’ve forgotten that our nation was built on sound moral reasoning, where public policy was debated and discussed and thoughtfully discerned for the good of the people, not the corporation. We’ve allowed people to call themselves “leaders” based on their bankbook, not their intellect or their humanity. Our culture has been deceived into a false and dangerous nationalism. Our society has morphed from caring to punitive. Our people are propagandized by an impotent media. Our elders and orphans are hurting. We have all but abandoned the broken and the displaced. Our forests and lands and rivers and oceans are being decimated, and our food supply contaminated. Where does this cycle stop? November of 2006.

Let’s take our place in history and humanity—locally and globally. Let’s bring back Authentic Leadership. Authentic Leadership rejects greed as the basis of logic. Authentic leadership rejects lying as public policy Authentic Leadership seeks consensus. Authentic Leadership nurtures the children. Authentic Leadership seeks wisdom. Authentic Leadership makes sound policy decisions based upon scientific facts, economic realities and the principles of justice and law that our forefathers have bequeathed us. Authentic Leadership brings moral governance to the world.

The Constitution of the United States.

No one human has all the answers. But together, with Authentic Leadership as our goal, we can begin the healing process our nation—and our globe—so desperately need.

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